About Roger T Hulme Ltd

Tony Bates Roger T Hulme Ltd was established in 2001 when Tony Bates and James Sadler incorporated the business of Roger T Hulme, a long established and highly regarded financial advisory firm in Shrewsbury.

The business originally commenced trading in 1985 under the stewardship of Roger Hulme who successfully created a first class reputation for specialised financial planning and wealth management.

Tony and James have over 50 years combined experience in financial services. In setting up Roger T Hulme Ltd, they brought together their combined experience and expertise building on the foundations laid by Roger over the previous 16 years.

James Sadler Roger T Hulme Ltd provides independent financial advice directly to personal and corporate clients and also to clients introduced to us by other professional firms such as solicitors and accountants.

A large proportion of our new clients are as a direct result of the recommendations from others. This clearly indicates that our quality of service meets the needs and expectations of our clients.